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Third meeting this fall

Thursday the 18th of September we were once again gathered together at Dragvoll. Three members had also met and seen a video of Ven. Khandro Rinpoche talking about compassion vs. competition earlier this week: This Thursday we meditated again upon Sharon Salzberg’s guided meditation about metta (loving kindness/compassion). We then drank some tea and […]

Tashi delek!

It is fall and just as new and old students are back at campus TBA is gathered once again at Dragvoll stillerom! Thursday 11th of September a new person made his apperance and we hope to see many more new members the following year. An annual meeting were held at one of the members place […]

“You who contin…

“You who continuously enjoy the mandala of great bliss, Karmapa, great treasury of all Buddha activity, With your heart sons and lineage may you remain In this ocean of existence for kalpas and kalpas. Whoever engages in the essential activity of listening, reflecting, and practicing the secret teachings of your profound speech, may their practice […]

God påske!

Easter is the time Norwegians disappear into the mountains. For those of us who chose to remain in civilization, we somehow still manage to disappear within our own koselig rooms, kanskje watching YouTube videos, writing proposals, making Easter eggs, food, love and all. During the week, a ferry carrying 475 passengers, mostly high school students, capsized […]

Cold meditation!

This Thursday March 20 we were three people gathered together at Dragvoll stillerom. The room was freezing cold! But it was all good – just an other experience. Just like the experience of walking meditation was for some. We meditated sitting for as long as the candle burned, which is about 20 minutes. One of […]

Happy New day!

This is a blogpost from our meetings Thursday the 6th and 13th of March 2014. Thursday the 6th of March we met at our board leader’s place at Moholt. It was a quite unformal meeting which started with drinking tea, chatting and eating some real good food. One of the group members was on a […]

Happy Losar – Tibetan new year :)

EMAHO! Thursday the 27th of February we were at first four people gathered at Dragvoll stillerom 2337, and then we became five people meditating together for about 20-25 minutes. We talked a little about our experience afterwords, how the body can hurt a little and how easily it is to be drowsy. About the latter; […]