Tashi delek!

It is fall and just as new and old students are back at campus TBA is gathered once again at Dragvoll stillerom! Thursday 11th of September a new person made his apperance and we hope to see many more new members the following year.

An annual meeting were held at one of the members place at Berg in the middle of August and we discussed different practical issues such as:

– Now that several members has moved from Trondheim – including the board leader – are we able to maintain the group as it were?

– Is it appropriate to change the name to f.ex. “Trondheim Meditation Association”?

The members who were present decided we would do our very best to keep the group as a formal organisation, and though many members are not buddhist per se the name remains Trondheim Buddhist Association.

We hope to visit more temples in the near future and also perhaps colaborate more with other buddhist groups and others who are interested in buddhism, meditation and philosophy in Trondheim. Karme Chöling is a group some members from TBA is connected with and we are happy to announce that an introduction to Tibetan buddhism starts on Wednesday 1st of October at Samyama Yogasenter. A weekend course in Buddhist Teachings and Meditation will be held at Samyama yogasenter 11-12th of October. For prices and more information you can contact Matt Burt at burtsolid @ gmail.com or Trine Lise Bye at bye.trinelise @ gmail.com. All are very much welcome!


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