“You who contin…

“You who continuously enjoy the mandala of great bliss,
Karmapa, great treasury of all Buddha activity,
With your heart sons and lineage may you remain
In this ocean of existence for kalpas and kalpas.

Whoever engages in the essential activity of listening,
reflecting, and practicing the secret teachings of your profound speech,
may their practice and study increase like the surging rivers of summer.

May the glorious lamas live long,
May happiness and well-being arise in all sentient beings, equal to the
sky. May I and all beings without exeption,
by gathering the two accumulations, purify the two veils
and thus be swiftly established in the state of buddhahood.”

The Long Life Prayer for His Holiness The Gyalwa Karmapa
– and the Kagyü Lineage Holders


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