God påske!


Easter is the time Norwegians disappear into the mountains. For those of us who chose to remain in civilization, we somehow still manage to disappear within our own koselig rooms, kanskje watching YouTube videos, writing proposals, making Easter eggs, food, love and all. During the week, a ferry carrying 475 passengers, mostly high school students, capsized in the waters of South Korea. How is one supposed to react to tragedies happening around the world, given the comfort that we usually find ourselves in?

We continue our tradition of Thursday meditations without fail. Two new friends arrive and imbue creativity into our conversation, which never veer far from food and meditation. “What is meditation?” is a recurring question that we explore. One mentions that meditation is everything. Another sees God no differently than good and love. After all the talk of meditation, we sat on the kitchen floor, transforming the space in an instant to what-seemed-like-a gathering of cults with a purple candle lighting dimly at the centre of the circle. There were two short sessions of meditation, 5-minute and 10-minute. We did yoga and stretching while exploring different muscles of our bodies in between the two sessions.

The semester is coming to an end and most of our current members will leave. New blood will be infused and Trondheim will go on meditating.


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