Cold meditation!

This Thursday March 20 we were three people gathered together at Dragvoll stillerom. The room was freezing cold! But it was all good – just an other experience. Just like the experience of walking meditation was for some. We meditated sitting for as long as the candle burned, which is about 20 minutes. One of the members later recalled a lecture from Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. He speaks of the nature of the flame: it is always here. The flame is not either coming nor going. It either manifest or seize to manifest, depending on the causes of conditions. Just like anything, including human beings, one can say. See Youtube for the whole session:

We also read out loud and reflected a bit on a text which described a dream Ven. Tenzin Palmo once had. The text describe vividly samsara and how to free oneselves and others with bodhicitta in mind (compassion and wisdom).

At the end of the session we discussed wether or not we are able to pull off a flea marked/waffel sale before Easter, to help out Lama Peme Dorje with his many projects. We did not conclude on this. Maybe we can decide next week. Hope to see YOU there! 🙂


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