Happy New day!

This is a blogpost from our meetings Thursday the 6th and 13th of March 2014.

Thursday the 6th of March we met at our board leader’s place at Moholt. It was a quite unformal meeting which started with drinking tea, chatting and eating some real good food. One of the group members was on a fast, something that inspired others in the group. For more information about fasting and how to take the eight Mahayana precepts, see for example:  https://www.kagyu.org/monlam/vows.php and/or http://fpmt.org/prayers/taking-the-eight-mahayana-precepts/.

We were four people all in all, and after the first one hour we sat down to meditate for about 10-15 minutes. We shared different views regarding practice from different religions, mainly Islam and Buddhism. It is very auspicious and highly recommended that every muslim at least once in ones lifetime visit the holy place Mecca in Saudi-Arabia. The same can be said for buddhist regarding Bodh Gaya. The meditation session were closed with a mundane dedication prayer.


The week after we met at an other group member’s place located by Charlottenlund kirke. We were four people gathered in this quite cold, but nice, loft. We started off with a 20 minutes meditation before one of the group members had to leave. Then we ate some vegetables and cake and discussed the upcoming lama visits; H.H. the Dalai Lama coming to Oslo and H.H. the Karmapa to Germany.

With humorous help from our intuition and mathematics we decided to read the section ‘Buying as Connecting’ from the book “The Heart is Noble” by H.H. the Karmapa. The Karmapa’s words started of some interesting reflections among the group members: “How do we become content?”,“What is the difference between success in the outher world and genuine happiness?”,“What is the real value of a Louis Vuitton purse?”,“What do we aspire towards?” Especially the latter can be very different from each individual. This is also a very important question to ask oneself as it will influence our actions along with the question; “Why do we aspire towards this or that goal?”

At the end of the meeting our board leader explained shortly about her work with decoding the secret lama dance. The motion in the dance is far from coincidental nor as simple as it may look for an untrained eye. The following link shows a clip from the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa’s first performance of the lama dance in India: http://kagyumonlam.org/English/Video/video_2012_01.html.

With the thoughts of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and the four immersurable thoughts in mind, we ended the meeting with a mundane dedication.

“May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness;

May all be free from suffering and the causes of suffering;

May all never be separated from the sacret happiness devoid of suffering

May all dwell in the great equanimity,

Free from passion, aggression and predudice.”


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