The Aftereffect of Geshe Pema Dorjee

Here we are. This Thursday we had our 6th meeting of the year after our first official event as the Trondheim Buddhist Association. We had arranged a lecture by a Tibetan Lama and that was a really nice experience. But later more!

We started this meeting with the “Prayer of Refuge and Bodhicitta” and “The Four Immeasurable Thoughts”. The following meditation of this day was guided by Pema Chodron. Of course only on an audio file and not in personJ! That might be a task for the future…

When we all had calmed our minds, one of our members shared some excerpts of “A guide to samatha meditation”. We focused on the posture in meditation and the mind in meditation. Both important points to work on when practicing meditation.

Now came the part we had all been waiting for. What has each of us experienced during Lama Peme Dorjee’s talk?
While eating cake every member of the group who attended the talk on Monday morning shared what felt most important to them. Some were talking about the practice itself and the two different kinds of meditation (analytical and single-pointed meditation), but most were talking about compassion, a topic the Lama has emphasized quite a bit. But what is compassion? Compassion means to be kind, to try to remove suffering, not just for yourself, but everyone around you. For that we meditate… To achieve compassion.

Pema Dorjee also held talks on Monday and Tuesday night. Three of our members had the honor to participate.
On Monday night the audience gathered in a beautiful yoga studio downtown Trondheim. It was a really nice atmosphere. The light was dimmed and all joined the Lama on the ground. Sitting on yoga mats, everybody was on the same level.
The topic this evening was again mindfulness and awareness. Much the same as in the morning, but he went deeper into the practice of meditation.
During a short break our three members asked his assistant Siri if they could receive a blessing from him. When he was presented with that question he just laughed! He is an unbelievably nice, humble and funny man! He only perceives himself as a simple monk.
This talk was and utmost inspiration and motivation.
So at the end the three took out their katas and again he started laughing. Nevertheless he took each Kata put it around their necks, put his hands on their faces and gave them a blessing. A truly great experience. With the mood heightened they couldn’t wait for Tuesdays talk.
Tuesday came and this time the audience assembled at the Steiner school. An entrance fee of 100kr had to be paid, but that was in no way a negative thing, cause we all know this money will help to build a school for poor girls without resources in India and Nepal.
The topic of this talk was “Wisdom in Emotions” and how to deal with negative feelings. This is indeed a topic everybody anticipated. Who has not experienced envy, anger, hatred and all the other negative feelings?!
Whether or not you heard what you wanted to hear this time, largely depended on how well you can read between the lines. Pema Dorjee seemed somewhat all over the place, picking up a thought here and there.
When people asked questions about ego, fear and others he elaborated very widely in his answers and one couldn’t help to feel that some people were dissatisfied with the answers. They seemed to expect a straight forward 3 word answer, but hey… everybody is different. After the talk was done one of our members asked him how to reach forgiveness when you were betrayed and hence feel anger, hatred, disappointment.
So everybody listen up… this is something we could all use! First, accept what happened! There is no reason why to relive the experience and keep harming your mind with holding on to those bad feelings! Second, forget! Now that’s the hard part! But here we circle back to… wait for it… Compassion!

To wrap things up, let’s talk about Geshe Pema Dorjee’s projects for a second.
The one project most important right now is the building of the school for the before mentioned girls! They have to care for baby siblings, cook, clean, and farm. By the age of 20 they likely have at least 3 kids and their bodies will be very weak. Only their brothers get a chance to go to school. But we are here to help and change that.
So if you are interested in helping or spreading the word go to!!!

Our session was ended with another short meditation and a dedication of merits.

A tip from the Lama… you are interested in reading unmistaken texts about Buddhism? Read books from H.H. The Dalai Lama.


On that note… keep practicing and join us if you want to learn more!



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