Velkommen! Chào mừng! 欢迎

On our fifth meeting in 2014, Thursday the 6th of February, we were ten people present. Welcome to our new members! Hope to see more of you!

This week has been a little busy for some members as the word of the upcoming lecture with Lama Pema Geshe needed to be spread. Hopefully everything works out allright and hopefully many people will show up to learn more about mindfulness — which is the topic of his talk on Monday the 10th of February at 12:30 in Dragvoll Auditorium D12. We salute those who have been working with it and advertised it.

We started the meeting with a short session of meditation. The object for our meditation were either our breath or a candle. After the session we talked a little about our experience. An analogy were mentioned which can be a good reminder how precious or relative a situation can be felt. If we were in a dark, cold forest; how focused and aware wouldn’t we be while looking/meditating upon the candle? Taking care of the candle sort of speak. Compared to the comfort one can experience almost every day f.ex. in Norway? We reflected a little upon that, and how it is possible to miss the precious path of dharma because of all the comfort and opportunities in ones life (like movies, food, chocholate, facebook, chatting with friends, etc.). When one is really comfortable, the dharma and practice of meditation etc. does not necessary feel as urgent as if in uncomfortable situations, pain or agony. A good reminder is that not even the realms of heaven or “all the comfort in the world” will last forever.

We also talked a little about enlightenment, and how far out of reach it can be felt. On of the group members reminded us of Ven. Khandro Rinpoche’s word, that “we shall never forget about our huge potential!” (quote is not 100% correct, but the meaning behind is right. She stresses the importance of having faith in our buddha nature. It is like a self prophecy.)

In the middle of the meeting we meditated with help from one of Mingyur Rinpoche’s guided meditations. It was a joyous experience. He is now in retreat up in the mountains. More about his retreat can be read on this following page:

We ended the meeting with loose talk about Easter, as some members wants to rent cabins for a retreat. There is also a chance that our German member might participate on Red Bull’s hardcore adventure next month. We wish her the very best on that!

The meeting were closed with a mundane dedication.


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