Happy Chinese New Year!

On 30th January, which incidentally was also the eve of the Chinese New Year, we met for our 4th meeting in the year at NTNU, Dragvoll stillerom, 2337.  The theme of our meeting was vaguely centered on the Chinese festival. Like the last time, seven of us met and on a happier note; we had an addition to our group. The group extends a warm welcome.

The session began with a very brief discussion about key tasks to be done before the talk by Tibetan Lama, Pema Geshe and this was followed by a guided meditation for fifteen minutes. As a part of our usual routine, we read a small section from the book “Comfortable with Uncertainty”, which centered on permanent and impermanent happiness.

We then had the second and last session of meditation for 20 minutes with a short dedication before we dispersed.

Key decisions taken:

1)     With only seven days left from the 3rd February for talk by Lama, Peme Geshe, and an intent to reach out as many people as possible to provide updates about the talk, time slots for members of the group, to represent the group at Dragvoll campus was decided.

2)     Logo of the group


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